Red Door Productions FZ LLC is a Dubai-based, ideas-oriented professional entertainment company. Equipped with an experienced, visionary team to offer smart solutions that include everything from Cinema Advertising to Post Production and Celebrity Management.

Whether it’s a brand you need to promote, a cost-effective commercial you need to produce, or a celebrity you need for endorsement, Red Door Productions does it all for you. We have strategic local and international tie-ups to provide you with work of award-winning standards at easily affordable budgets.

Cinema Consultants
In today’s world, advertising is a high-traffic zone, with every brand looking for the shortest route to marketing success. That’s why we present you one of the most effective media vehicles - Cinema Advertising more....
Post production
One of the most important ingredients of a successful film is its editing and post production. Red Door Productions offers a host of comprehensive post production services across the Middle East. We cater to more....
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